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Critical Financial Declaration Note

The Financial Declaration is a mandatory document each party must disclose to the other.

Because “need” is one of the elements of alimony (and financial matters are relevant to other issues), it is imperative that you include ALL monthly expenses. If you have expenses in any given category, please do not leave them blank. The court may not allow you to change your Financial Declaration later if you do not include expenses now.

  • If you do not know an amount, please estimate the monthly amount.

  • If you have an annual expense in any category, divide that amount by twelve.

  • If you can’t currently afford the expense in a category, but had paid the expense during the marriage, use the amount paid during the marriage.

Each party must disclose on the form all income, assets, debts and expenses or the court may impose significant penalties. Failure to fully disclose all assets and income in the financial declaration may subject the non-disclosing party to sanctions, which may include an award of non-disclosed assets to the other party, attorney’s fees or other sanctions that the court finds appropriate.

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